tidalArt – About Us

tidalArt studio inc. is dedicated to offering opportunities for artists wanting to experience a truly unique landscape and culture.

We encourage you to explore your capabilities and learn new things about yourself, all in the fantastic setting of Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada, one of the four corners of the world, according to the Flat Earth Society.   A place where ancient knowledge is still part of the lived experience.  An island off the north east coast of Newfoundland, a world full of possibilities!

We are residents of both Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Rob Roy, Ontario.  My husband is a native Fogo Islander and we have the pleasure of residing there a good part of every year.  We know the people, the landscape and the culture.  I have painted on Fogo Island for many years and understand what makes a wonderful experience from the artists lens.

Fogo Island offers a fabulous experience for the nature lover, culture seeker and artist with spectacular vistas and fishing villages, abundant flora and fauna, birds and sea-life.  There’s even a herd of caribou!

Meet Janice Thomson

After decades in the corporate world specializing in human resources and communications and becoming a Chartered Director, I have ‘retired’ to focus on other ventures and aspects of my life’s journey. In the time since, I’ve studied at www.tsa-art.com, www.avenueroadartsschool.com, worked at an open-studio at  www.artembassy.ca, attended plein air retreats and became a member of the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts www.bmfa.on.ca. I also sit on an Advisory Board for a small private business. In partnership with my husband, we operate Fogo Island Fish, an organization dedicated to community sustainability and linking fishers and chefs, with the best wild Atlantic cod on the planet!

I started tidalArt studio inc. to bring the uniqueness of Fogo Island, Newfoundland to like-minded artists who want a retreat, in a wonderfully wild, beautiful and hospitable location. I have two unique studios on the island, and I named the company to commemorate the first series I did in my ‘Stage’ studio, where I had to plan my arrivals and departures with the rising and falling tides! In the studio, I paint in acrylics, with modeling paste and a variety of mediums, primarily on wood panels. I usually use watercolours for plein air sketching and painting. I spend a significant amount of time with my camera, to make fabulous images for future inspiration.